An Assessment Data That Accounts For The Holistic Needs Of The Client Based On Their Specific Needs

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• Collects thorough, relevant assessment data that accounts for the holistic needs of the client
• I chose my assessments for each client based on their specific needs. In terms of EK, I choose to do the hearing screening, because I noticed that when he was talking to me or other residents, he would tune out if he couldn’t hear anything. I thought this might be an important factor in his troubles with finding friends at KG. I assessed his spirituality, because it seemed to play a large part in his life. I felt that if I knew more about his beliefs, I could better understand how he deals with his health and what needs he might have in regard to that spirituality. The first thing I noticed about EK was his poor oral health. I wanted to make sure that this wasn’t impacting his nutrition and if he wanted to change his oral health. This naturally led to my assessment on his nutrition which might be affecting his health. He also felt like he was gaining weight, so assessing his nutrition would give me some clue as to why this was.
• Develops meaningful Nursing Diagnosis
• The nursing diagnosis that I came up with for both clients were focused on modifiable factors that were decreasing their quality of life. Both of the clients seemed to be lacking social interaction for different reasons. This seemed meaningful to their situations, because it was impacting their happiness. The environment in Kline Galland allowed for this not to be as big of a problem, so it was something that…

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