An Article On The Profession Of Arms Essay

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On February 23, 2012 General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff, published an article that stated, “ The Profession of Arms has been an important subject to me since I led the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command a few years ago. As Chairman, it remains one of my focus areas. Understanding who we are and what we do as volunteers and experts who defend our nation is something we must do as a joint force.” (Dempsey, 2012) The Army profession of arms is broke down into five unique characteristics that should be maintained and upheld in today’s society. They are as follows; military expertise, honorable service, trust, esprit de corps and stewardship of the profession. I believe the most important characteristic is Military expertise. This is something we have lost during the last decade of armed conflict. Through these years we have lowered the Military standards for enlistment and what we have allowed into our ranks. We have allowed unqualified personnel to enlist, serve, and be promoted without the required experience, knowledge or qualifications to serve in areas of higher responsibilities. In the last year with our overseas conflicts coming to an end we have started to bring back our high military standards. Limiting those who are allowed to enlist into our armed forces as well as drawing down our man power. The Army is doing this with the help of Quality of Service Evaluation Boards dismissing any personnel not qualified to serve for whatever the case…

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