The Importance Of Uniforms In The Military

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When a person enters the military, what's the first thing that comes to mind?The unique uniform. Growing up when I would see a man in a uniform, I would be able to recognize it to a certain military branch all the way from the Marines to the Navy. To me seeing those men and women in the uniform, it instantly gave them a position of power. To me, I looked at them as if they were already better than me just from the uniform. When I think of whom has the most credibility my mind instantly goes to the Marines. The Marines are generally the first ones into action in the wars so to me I think of them as most credible and the ones that earn the most respect. Generally, when you see a man in uniform, the unwritten rule is to thank them for serving. With that comes respect for what they do. Uniforms are everything for the military. It describes what branch you are in and what you do in that branch. There are also other uniforms that are very credible, for example, a doctor wears a unique robe, and a police officer wears a black polo daily. To me, all of the uniforms earn respect instantly and are highly credible. The question I want to answer here today is, what …show more content…
Have businesses stopped caring about dressing professionally daily? According to Stephen D. Smith yes. In the article ‘Dress for success,’ Stephen talks about how companies stopped requiring their employees to dress up. He thinks that when a person goes to work they should be dressed the nines. His logic behind that is it tells the customer that you care about your job and by dressing up its shoes to the customer your take, the job seriously day in and day out. He believes it is often hard to be a leader in a company wearing something casual it looks like you just threw something on rather than dressing up and leading your company by the example on how to dress. It also makes you more credible within work because people see that your doing it makes them want to up their

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