Essay about An Article On The People And Their Culture

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After reading the article on the Nacirema people and their culture, I felt that they are a materialistic society. The article describes their experience with the medical system as more of a cosmetic approach. The rituals that they passed down to their children, show that appearance is of high importance in their culture. The most valuable place for the Nacirema people to spend their time, is the shine which includes the chest full of charms and the font. As a whole, the Nacirema people are excessively proud with their appearance and they use this to calculate how many relationships they hold with others. For them, an uncommon facial feature may be grounds for isolation from others and loss of social interaction. I find no difficulty in respecting the Nacirema culture because it is how they decide to live. It would be wrong for me to judge their culture just because it is not a custom to me. Everyone has a right to express themselves how they choose, but I would like to suggest to Nacirema people a focus on overall wellness not just a cosmetic form of health service.
There were no questions on the Nacirema culture because I understood their rituals and I can compare them to our society as well. The curative potions that they store in their charm-boxes and what we call medicine cabinets. Their rituals of personal hygiene are similar to my own, if not the same. Reading about their rituals stood out to be in general due to the realization that I also do these rituals on a daily…

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