An Article On Being An Atheist Essay

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On Being a Theist
In 1968, H. J. McCloskey wrote an article titled “On Being an Atheist” which gives his personal reasons for rejecting the belief in God. Included are his critiques of the cosmological, and teleological arguments. The main portion of his paper is centered on the difficult issues of evil and suffering in a world that is supposedly created by a loving, omnipotent God. However, despite McCloskey’s (1968) desire for proof and contrary his critiques of the cosmological and teleological arguments and his assertions that evil makes a case against God’s existence, it remains that the most reasonable explanation for the universe is an intelligent, personal, loving Designer: God.
It is important to begin by addressing McCloskey’s (1968) habit of referring to arguments as proofs. The problem that arises from this habit is that McCloskey is far too quick to dismiss the arguments used in favor of God’s existence because they do not meet this standard of “one hundred percent certainty” (Foreman, 2012a). Rather than striving to prove God’s existence, one must seek to find the worldview that best explains the world around us. Proof and certainty are not always a possibility, even for beliefs held by the scientific community, such as the belief that our senses are reliable (Foreman, 2012a); yet, “the failure to produce a proof of God’s existence does not necessarily mean that no one has any justified beliefs about God” (Evans & Manis, 2009, p. 61). Since it is impossible for…

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