Essay on An Animal 's Place By Michael Pollan

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In Michael Pollan’s “An Animal’s Place” Pollan provides an argument on whether or not Americans should consume animals, and specifically, if the fashion in which animals are farmed and slaughtered respects their capacity to suffer. Pollan illustrates his personal dilemma particularly when he ironically points his debate on whether or not to eat meat began while he was dining at a steakhouse. To develop his argument, Pollan initially exclusively uses the citation of animal rights activists, but then gradually cites experts that support his conclusion that Americans eat animals as long as the principle behind it is correct, and animals are treated with respect. He asserts to accomplish respecting animals that Americans need to regain their contact with animals , by building transparent walls where humans are able to see when an animal is slaughtered. While Pollan write a strong essay with effective and thorough reasoning and analysis that supports his thesis, he doesn’t consider that there is a minimal impact if he solely decides to eat animals that are treated humanely while other Americans continue to eat animals as they are traditionally slaughtered. Pollan also doesn’t consider that to effectively have a system in America where all animals are treated humanely, legislation is needed to effectively change these practices. Pollan employs irony to clearly establish his debate on whether it is right or wrong to eat animals. Irony is first established when Pollan describes…

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