An Animal 's Place By Michael Pollan And The Omnivore 's Delusion, Against The Agri Intellectuals

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In both “An Animal’s Place” by Michael Pollan and “The Omnivore’s Delusion; Against the Agri-Intellectuals” by Blake Hurst, the highly debated issue over modern American farming is addressed. Due to the importance of food to people’s lives, this issue is salient to the average individual because it concerns how his or her food is processed and where it originates from. Pollan’s proposal is that organic farming is a better method due to better quality of food and better quality of life for animals, while Hurst contends that modern day farming is the only way to meet the demands of the world in an effectual way. Both arguments present themselves with strong propositions about American farming, but by exploring both of their similarities and differences can one truly understand for themselves the best notion. In Pollan’s Article, “An Animal’s Place”, he expresses his idea that as human’s, people should be obligated to kill and eat animals, but to treat the animals with a sense a respect during the time that they are alive, effectively implying that this can be done through organic farming. Pollan initially claims that humans and animals are different morally, stating that humans are higher up on the moral spectrum. Pollan gives his experience reading “Animal Liberation”, he says that since humans and animals differ in morally significant ways, we don’t treat animals similarly to humans (363). Pollan believes that despite this, animals still deserve equal consideration. Equal…

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