An Analysis Of The Two Feelings Don 't Mix Well Inside Of Nate

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The two feelings don’t mix well inside of Nate and so he decides to embrace the feeling that makes sense, that’s built on substance and reality, and hates with all his might. He does everything can to make her feel as miserable as he does, she deserves it, to understand how it feels to be Nate. He’s not lazy, not intentionally, and Rachel needs to know that.

Present-Nate laughs as he tells the story, it’s better than crying, he’s still ashamed of how juvenile he acted, but Emmy doesn’t find it all that funny and she tells him it’s a little concerning.

Twenty-six-year-old Nate starts to hide twenty-seven-year-old Rachel’s design sketches, throws away a few of them, because Rachel’s clothing is something she loves, holds dear and if she didn’t respect his passion there’s no way in hell he’s going to respect hers.

He destroys some of them (with Rachel across from him) by spilling Andrew’s orange juice all over her workspace. Her fault, really, for working during breakfast and taking up everyone’s space.

For that, Nate apologizes a few times to keep up the façade and Rachel isn’t fooled, she’s not an idiot, and she throws the wet drawings at him, one by one, and she’s yelling at him, again, always. She tells him to grow up and get a better attitude or everyone he interacts with is going to reject him and that she wants him out of her house by the time she comes home from work or so help me, Nate, I’m going to call the fucking police and have you arrested for trespassing.…

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