An Analysis Of Susan Glaspell 's ' Trifles ' Essay

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Essay 3: Play Analyst In the mysterious Play “Trifles”, written by Susan Glaspell, the county attorney desperately tries to discover the works of the death of Mr. Wright. Mr. Wright was found dead in his bed with a rope around his neck that evening. The number one suspect of this crime is his wife, Mrs. Wright. Mr. Hale, the closest neighbor had informed the police on Mr. Wright’s body. The question that surfaced throughout the play was whether or not Mrs.Wright killed her husband. This case was looked upon that she did because she didn 't contact the authorities of his death immediately. She was soon arrested and put in jail. The sheriff of the town, sent Ms. Hale and Ms. Peters to gather her personal belongings that she may need in jail. As the County Attorney, Sheriff Peters, and Mr. Hale try to uncover any evidence that would prove Mrs. Wright 's committed murder. Mr. Hale explains what he witnessed that evening in the house. Nevertheless, the real detective’s end up being Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters. These women demonstrated that they are capable of doing the same things a man can, as they were seeking for items Mrs.Wright needed. These two ladies Strongly believed the death of Mr. Wright was due to the lost life of Mrs. Wright’s bird. She loved like this bird like it was her own child because she was incapable of having a baby. The two ladies found the dead bird inside of a pretty red box that they believed Mrs.Wright was going to bury. The dead bird…

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