Essay about An Analysis Of Susan Glaspell 's ' The Trifles '

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Female Oppression
The Trifles is a play was written in 1916 by Susan Glaspell; it gives insights into the role of the women in the society during this period. The play can be described as feminist in that it fights against the depiction of women as brainless housewives (Bressler 183). The play takes place in Mr. Wright’s untidy house after his murder and his wife’s incarceration for his death. There are five characters in the play, three of them are males, and two of them are females. Mrs. Hale is Mr. Wright 's neighbor; and his wife is also present. The Sheriff, is who accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Peters. The last character is the County Attorney. However, Holsteins contends that both men and women in attendance approach the case differently. For him, while the men see it as a crime scene; hence, they are there to fulfill their responsibility. The women approach the scene as a home afflicted by problems. It is while the man goes upstairs that the women discover evidence that show why Mrs. Wright killed her husband through the strangled songbird. There is the theme of female oppression in the play the Trifles illustrated by the various symbol uses, the main character, and the five secondary characters use in the story that shows their lack of freedom.
Symbolism is avidly used, particularly in the presentation of Mrs. Wright as she is mentioned in absentia. Some of these symbols include the Canary, containers of cherry preserves, bird cage, rocker, preserves, stove, pots…

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