An Analysis Of Sandra Cisneros 's ' The Storyteller ' Essay

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Traditions in the Family
Have you ever had respectable parents that influenced your life? My parents have always influenced me to get an education and to get a career that I will work for a very long time. My parents had met each other in high school and dated senior year. After they have graduate4d from high school they started their family. My parents had three children and we moved a lot and finally settled down in a place. Nevertheless, in Sandra Cisneros’ essay “ The Storyteller” she discusses about how she was raised in a big family and being the only woman out of the children. Her parents were based on a tradition to where everyone had to live with their parents until marriage. Based on Cisneros’ essay, I was the only woman out of the children in the family. My own experience is to learn how to become an adult. Cisneros had always wanted to move out and go to school in addition, I want to move out and have my own privacy. The notion to success is for my parents to influence me to get an education and pass on the family traditions that they have taught me.
Both of my parents were raised differently of their families’ cultures. My mother was raised as a catholic. Her mother was very rigorous in cleaning the house. Her mother believed in the house always have to be spotless when someone comes over or other situations that happen at the house when guests come. Her mother did not believe in school, but my mother and her siblings went to school all day and came home to…

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