An Analysis Of Robert Bava And I, Conducted Essay

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On Tuesday, November 17, 2015, at about 1038 hours, while present at group 31 office, Lt. Robert Bava and I, conducted the P.G. 206-13 hearing of PO Omilio Ortega, Tax #916969, currently assigned to the 79 Precinct. The hearing took place at 241 37 Street, Third Floor, Brooklyn, N.Y. PO Ortega was represented by P.B.A. David Stan. PO Ortega was interviewed as a witness. The interview was recorded on an Olympus brand digital voice recorder and upload into ICIS. In sum and substance PO Ortega stated the following;

PO Omilio Ortega stated that on the date of the incident, he and his partner responded and finalized a 311 noise complaint at 727 Dekalb Avenue. Later on within his tour they walked in the Precinct thru the rear door and he recognized some of the guys that were present at 727 Dekalb Avenue were in the front lobby waiting around. PO Ortega stated that he walked towards the people that were at 727 DeKalb Avenue, assuming that his partner, PO Hale was right behind him. I presented PO Ortega with a picture of the two complainants, Mr. George Rosas and Mr. Jose Cortes. He remembered both of the complainants being present in the lobby of the 79 precinct.

While in the lobby he stated the complainants were acting disorderly and he requested for them to leave and at which point a group of other officers, whom he is unable to identify were present to assist him in escorting the complainants out of the stationhouse. The…

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