An Analysis of Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict by Michael T. Klare

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Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict

Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict is written by Michael T. Klare. Michal T. Klare is an international security expert who believes that in the near future large conflicts will occur between countries for ownership of remaining resources. Klare published this book in March of 2002. This was recently after the attack on the twins towers in New York. Klare uses this attack on the United States to demonstrate how military actions will increase because of the need of resources. Through out the book Klare gives his view on how things will happen as the world uses all of its resources. Klare uses previous research and other resources to validate his argument on how things
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Growing population is another major reason why resources are being depleted at rates never seen before. The population is reproducing at a rate much faster than the Earth can reproduce its resources.
As the world's resources are diminished Klare predicts that countries that hold the remaining resources will increase their military forces. Klare believes that increased military forces will be initiated to protect the scarce resources that they have. Klare believes that other countries that do not have the needed resources to support their growing population will use all means necessary including military action to gain the resources essential for their continued progress. Klare refers to the recent attack on the twin towers in New York and the United States attack in Iraq as an example of the conflicts that are to happen as the world's resources are depleted. Klare uses the example of the Unites States imposing on Iraqi government and attacking their city to show that as petroleum levels are decreasing globally the United States needs to way to guarantee a supply for its country. Klare shows that the United States used military action to seek control of another countries oil supply. Klare says that this is only one of the many global conflicts that will occur because of limited amounts of resources.
Klare has his own predictions on how the world can avoid the conflicts that are going to happen because to the dwindling resource supply. Klare's solution to the

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