An Analysis Of Mike Nichols 's ' The ' Carnal Knowledge ' Essays

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The word “revolution” has several meanings: It can indicate a deliberate opposition against an existing state of affairs (similar to the English Revolution), or it can denote an unforeseen era of social metamorphosis (much like the Industrial Revolution). A majority of people agree today that the “Sexual Revolution” in the United States reflects a comparatively discontinuous time period during the 1960s and 1970s, where cardinal changes towards sexual attitudes and behaviors are depicted at the core. Men most definitely benefited from the new sexual privileges, although it was barely a deviation from their lived experience. Mike Nichols chronicles the experiences of Sandy and Jonathan in the film Carnal Knowledge, an epic narrative which spans from the late 1940s to the early 1970s, unfolding two men’s own sexual transformations in contrast to the expansive context of the sexual revolution in the United States. In the film, the varying degrees to which the sexual revolution affected the males, Sandy and Jonathan, and the females of the film, suggest that women’s liberation simply consisted of navigating patriarchal notions from previous eras that still held sway. What was partly responsible for the sexual revolution was not solely a change in morals and societal standards, but a change in power dynamics. Research indicates that this “revolution” did not happen unexpectedly, but rather was influenced by a plethora of factors going as far back as the Victorian epoch. Author…

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