Essay about An Analysis Of Maya Angelou 's Poem ' Caged Bird '

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It is natural to believe oneself is superior to another, nevertheless that does not mean that the other’s quality of life needs to be diminished in order for one to feel more superior over the other. The barriers between blacks and whites have existed for hundreds of years with the white population believing they are superior to black people and subsequently diminishing the black population’s quality of life. Maya Angelou, an African-American herself, faces racism, but does not let the negativity affect her way of life. She encourages those of her ethnicity to join her in the fight for equality in her poem “Caged Bird”. In the poem the “free bird” represents white people and the “caged bird” represents black people. Opening, the poem applies physical obstacles to give reasoning to oppress black people and force them to live under the authority of white people. Further, nature’s beauty reveals that even if opportunities are physically present, it does not signify that they are obtainable to the black population as society outlaws them from pursuing the opportunity. Additionally, the comparison between each race’s lifestyle and condition of life unveil that the black community is inferior to the white community as a result of the restrictions embedded in society. In her poem, Maya Angelou contends that the freedom and opportunities accessible to white people are both unknown and inaccessible to one who is black as result of society’s prejudiced traditions.
To begin, the poem…

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