An Analysis Of Uncle Tom's Cabin

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The Woman that “Started” the Civil War

Harriet Beecher Stowe was a writer and abolitionist (June 14, 1811- July 1, 1896). Stowe affected the Civil war by publishing, the most popular novel at the time Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Stowe’s book demonstrates the horrors of slavery. Stowe’s goal was to inspire people to fight against slavery. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s, Uncle Tom’s Cabin inflamed the environment on the issue of slavery, persuading the North about evils of slavery and angering the South.
Harriet Beecher Stowe’s goals was to educate the nation about the evils of slavery. Stowe wanted something done about slavery. As a result Stowe was successful, Stowe technically lead the North and the South into the Civil War. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s life
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Stowe was taught stories about slaves in the South all through her life. Stowe’s book Uncle Tom’s Cabin was to inspire the nation of reading the horrors of slavery. She made sure that her book showed blacks having hopes and dreams like whites. The reason why Harriet wrote the book is that, “It inspired thousands of people in the North to join the fight against slavery and also increased tensions between the North and South”(Bibliography Harriet Beecher Stowe 2). The book actually did make people want to do something about slavery. She did achieve the goal by having the North go against the South. Historians even stated that, “Stowe helped cause the Civil War”(Bibliography Harriet Beecher Stowe 2). The book Uncle Tom’s Cabin really made a big impact on the public and people do believe she is the one that started this Civil War. Not only was it historians that thought Stowe started the Civil war it was also the President Abraham Lincoln. When Stowe met Lincoln he said to her, “The little lady who wrote the book that made the big war”(Bibliogrpahy Harriet Beecher Stowe 3). This was a big impact to have the president say that. I think this is the reason why Stowe is famous …show more content…
They read Stowe’s book and despised it as being propaganda. The North said Stowe describes the situations fairly, well the South doesn’t think that way. The South’s response in the Southern Literary Messenger, a newspaper in Richmond states, “It is a fiction throughout; a fiction in form; a fiction in its facts; a fiction in its representations and coloring; a fiction in its statements; a fiction in its sentiments; a fiction in its morals; a fiction in its religion; a fiction in its inferences; a fiction equally with regard to the subjects it is designed to expound, and with respect to the manner of their exposition”(3). Basically all the South said is everything in Uncle Tom’s Cabin is fiction! The South did not take her book seriously their whole response was fiction! Stowe tried making the slaves in the South seem like how the South would explain their slaves. Stowe didn’t make them harsh she made her characters how the South would say their slaves are like. The Southern Literary Messenger also states, “Every fact is distorted, every incident discolored, in order to awaken rancorous hatred and malignant jealousies between the citizens of the same republic, the fellow countrymen whose interests and happiness are linked with the perpetuity of a common union, and with the prosperity of a common government”(4). The South demonstrated that every fact is incorrect, Stowe made it so people would go against the South. Harriet made discolored

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