An Analysis Of Matt Sakakeeny 's ' The Streets Of New Orleans '

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In Roll With It: Brass Bands in the Streets of New Orleans, Matt Sakakeeny explores how New Orleans is very different from the other stereotypical American city as he writes about it as “utilize voices and instruments as technologies for producing subjectivity, identity, and culture” (p.6). Sakakeeny also uses fieldwork to learn about and explain different power-related processes, such as personal and professional mobility, which will be discussed in greater detail. Because Sakakeeny’s approach of fieldwork has multiple potential benefits and few drawbacks, when exploring the theme of personal and professional mobility and how that relates to power, our conception of New Orleans society shaped into a fuller picture.
To understand how Sakakeeny’s field work works, it is important to understand a few concepts. The word “mobility” means being able to move in a physical sense, and in the context of Sakakeeny’s book, specifically personal and professional mobility, means being able, or not able to, move within a hierarchy with changes in income and occupation. Simply said, it is just how people could or could not move out of their niche.
Through Sakakeeny’s book, mobility is important to understand the situation of brass bands in New Orleans. Some people in New Orleans could achieve some personal and professional mobility while many more encounter some shady economics and infrastructure that could affect the black musicians in education, housing, etc. Because musicians in New…

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