Essay on An Analysis Of Kate Chopin 's ' Desiree 's Baby '

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Authors may use different types of literary devices to maintain the reader’s attention in a story. A metaphor, simile, flashback, imagery, and an allusion are all examples of literary devices that can be used in a story to keep the reader engrossed. Kate Chopin used literary devices in her story “Desiree’s Baby” which helped her contribute to the success of the story. Kate Chopin used imagery on paragraph 6 to describe L’Abri and explain why it is a sad place to visit. Imagery is a visual symbolism the author uses to capture the reader’s interest.
(Imagery - Examples and Definition of Imagery (Literary Devices)) It says, “Big solemn oaks grew close to it, and their thick leaved, far reaching branches.” Kate Chopin used the oak trees to give the reader a sense of fright. The oak tree was one of many things that made L’Abri a frightening place to visit. The author also used strong diction in her story to give the reader an idea of where she comes from and how she lives. Diction is the use of good choice of words throughout a story.
(Diction - Examples and Definition of Diction (Literary Devices)) Kate Chopin used the words, “ Layette and corbeille” on paragraph 5-14. A layette is a set of clothing or linens of a newborn child. It’s unusual to hear that word because no one really says it that way, but from where they Reyna R. 2 come from it is different. A corbeille is a nice basket of flowers or fruits. It’s strange to hear these words, but it was the…

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