An Analysis Of John H. Culver 's ' The Final Day ' Essays

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In the essay " The final day in Rome" the American author, John H. Culver, narrates his trip to Italy, Rome; the last day he saw his wife alive. It all began in the ER room " a vast rectangle with four banks of chairs set facing each other in a much smaller rectangle" (Culver 18). Further, there were TVs broadcasting reruns of Starsky & Hutch—an unusual act for hospitals. "Occasionally, I would glance at the TV screen [just] to see a suspicious Jack Klugman in the autopsy room about to cut into a corpse... I never saw this back home" (18). To never have experience something before is a harsh reality. As the author stated he never saw this type of shows back home—he wasn 't expecting such program to air in TV and even worst in a hospital. Culture is the identity, beliefs, and customs of a particular society or place; people have their own sketch of life, whatever the culture says, they follow. One of the main (obvious) cultural differences is the language. Ten hours before the ER room, the author and his wife were in a bus tour seeing the famous sights, they had listened to the recorded dialogue in Spanish, French, English, and German—something hardly seen in United States. Hence, the whole essay is shaped around culture. we will be discussing the key role culture plays in "The Final Day in Rome".
Similar to language a more specific example, insurance. As the tour approached closure. The author and wife had decided to stopped at a small market to buy a few things…

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