An Analysis Of James ' Tale ' Essay

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Through the course of James’ tale, we see the dynamic between the Governess and Miles become more disturbing and unnatural. After reading the text through the lens of queer theory, one can assume that Miles develops this unhealthy relationship in part because of his previous homosexual relations with classmates, as well as the molestation he suffered from Quint. Eventually, the liaison with the Governess becomes fatal for the child; as the child finally admits his true sexuality and calls out for Quint, the Governess simply cannot endure it and she kills him.
When Miles arrives at Bly, the Governess gathers that he expunged from school, but is not enlightened on the details surrounding the expulsion. Miles reveals the reasoning when he is alone with the Governess, giving his ‘tell-all’ statement, he admits:
"Well—I said things."
"Only that?"
"They thought it was enough!"
"To turn you out for?"
Never, truly, had a person "turned out" shown so little to explain it as this little person! He appeared to weigh my question, but in a manner quite detached and almost helpless. "Well, I suppose I oughtn 't"
"But to whom did you say them?"
He evidently tried to remember, but it dropped—he had lost it. "I don 't know!"
He almost smiled at me in the desolation of his surrender, which was indeed practically, by this time, so complete that I ought to have left it there. But I was infatuated—I was blind with victory, though even then the very effect that was to have brought him so…

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