Essay on An Analysis Of Ian Fleming 's Novel Version Of Casino Royale

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Giving one-dimensional words life and turning it into a three-dimensional movie with sounds and visuals takes effort and to effectively portray a movie from a novel is extremely difficult. It takes countless hours of imagination and thoughts to do but in my opinion, Martin Campbell, director of Casino Royale (2006) made all the right decisions and pressed all the right buttons to successfully portray Ian Fleming 's 1953 novel version of Casino Royale. The famous book Casino Royale written by Fleming’s is his most famous and also paved the way for the rest of the coveted James Bond spy novel series that still continue today. Many wonder where Fleming’s extensive knowledge of the secret service world came from and it is because he worked as a British Naval Intelligence personnel during the World War. It is why there is an immense amount of detail and precision in his novels. He is writing from his own first-hand experiences and it is why his novels are always so successful. To add, it is only necessary to pair a great book with a great film director and almost half a decade later, the original book was transformed and modernized into a movie that Martin Campbell, action movie specialist, directed. Campbell was an ideal candidate for this job because he has done James Bond movies before and is also known for directing superior action movies like Green Lantern (2012).
Campbell did an exceptional job adapting Fleming’s Casino Royale book because he correctly chose what…

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