An Analysis Of Europe During The Year 2062 Essay

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Cicely Tutson

An Analysis of Europe in the year 2062

Five decades from now, in the year 2062 Europe will look and feel completely different. Europe 's racial and ethnic demographics will likely have drastically changed, which will have an impact on the political structure, language, and the economy. Other aspects of the European cultural realm such as the growth of the European Union, environmental issues, and technology will all see a dramatic shift in the coming decades.
The biggest and most profound change in Europe will be the population. Europe currently has one of the oldest populations in the world. In 50 years with more advancements in medicine, people may be living even longer and the population of elderly people greater. The current birthrate is very low which means that when the older population dies off there could be a huge drop in population in Europe. There is a lot of opposition to immigration in parts of Europe, but that may be the only way to ensure population growth. The immigrant populations in a lot of European cities tend to be younger and have a higher birthrate (Ostergren, 2011), therefore Europe will eventually become a more racially diverse population. As a result, more interracial marriages may occur and as these couples have children more people will identify as mixed race. By the year 2062, the native white population might become the minority. One of the possible implications of a white minority is that it could cause anti-immigration…

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