Essay on An Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's Stories And Many Others

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Throughout history there have been many writers of all different kinds, poetry, books, plays, short stories and many others. These stories often times leave a legacy behind for these authors leaving their names in history books, forever remembered by future generations. Such stories have many ways of being interpreted and there are always small details that are never seen the first time reading. Often times this depends on the author, but many authors never go far off the beaten path compared to their other works. One of the best examples, Edgar Allan Poe is a fantastic writer whom started writing as early as the 1820’s but he later passed away in 1849. Amazingly Poe is still very well known, even in today’s standards to being an excellent. Many if not all his stories are dark and kind of morbid but will keep the reader wanting more. Since his stories are known to be dark and morbid, what could be the differences in such stories, they mustn’t be all that similar can they? Or is being dark their only similarity? When darkness creeps into the spotlight of a story you know it will be a great attention grabber. During Edgar Poe’s writing of “The Pit and the Pendulum” he takes a spin on his usual writings maybe because it’s one of his earlier writings. The story begins with a person that is in severe peril contemplating the possibly of the death sentence. During this stressful time the character is falling in and out of conciseness all the while they can barely see or hear…

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