Essay on An Analysis Of Dorothy Allison 's ' This Is Our World '

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Art is all around us, no matter where we go or what we do, there will always be a form of art that is nearby, and as a result of this, art has become one of the most significant aspects of a person’s daily life. In a sense, art is quite like water. It is something that is physical, but the changes that it can embody or bring forth are just like the formlessness of water. Art has become something more than just a work that should be admired, but rather, it has become a medium of speech for the ones that create it. In Dorothy Allison’s “This is Our World”, multiple anecdotes are used to allow the reader to better understand art. Allison’s stories allow a person to understand that art is personal, has the ability to invoke memories of past events, and finally the possibilities of art is rather limitless.
Allison begins her piece with her childhood church experience, but what affected her most wasn’t the church itself or even what happened on that day, rather, it was the painting of Jesus that was hung there. Even after so many years, the power of that painting was still fresh in her mind. “The first painting I ever saw up close was at a Baptist church when I was seven years old” (Allison 589). This experience was extremely important for her because it was the first time that she realized how she could connect with art and how art could affect her on a personal level. Even though not everyone may agree with that depiction of Jesus, Allison thought the piece was “other-worldly…

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