An Analysis Of Beauty In Pricing Beauty By Ashley Mears

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“ ...but when looked at sociologically, Todd 's world began to open up questions I had never considered asking . What is a ‘look,’ and how is someone like Todd able to see value in it” (Mears 2011:2). Ashley Mears book, “Pricing Beauty” tries to find out what gives individuals’ the ability to be editorial models. Mears was interested in the idea of having the “look” because she had personal experience with people like Todd, an agent, that told her she had the “look”. The industry gives a lot of people the desire to be an editorial model while also giving false hope about making it in the industry. “Pricing beauty” takes a look into the modeling industry and analyses the look and how it is recognized and sold. She analyses all aspects of the …show more content…
Models all have a basic type of look; they’re usually tall and slim. However this appearance doesn 't make anyone guaranteed a modeling career. Mear tries to figure out what type of aesthetic is appealing to agencies. Mears interviews multiple bookers and finds,
“Some will leave owing the agency thousands of dollars. And a few— maybe one this year— will become millionaires. What separates the few from the many? Why does one look rise from the pack into fame and fortune? “Thats a trick questions!” declared Don, a booker, when I asked him this during an interview. He laughed and glanced out the window at the buzzing Manhattan street below, and, after a quick pause, said: “Well, it’s not a trick question. But it 's like asking the meaning of life ” (Mears 199:122).
The booker compares finding the look to the meaning of life. The meaning of life is very broad there can be multiple meanings depending on who is deciding, which means it’s up to personal interpretation. Therefore “the look” is subjective anyone can have a certain type of look but it is up to the buyer to determine what type of physique is good or bad. Multiple models can all have the same look and still only one person with that trait can make it as a famous editorial
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Men are seen as the normal masculine when they objectify themselves they slogan men sexualizing themselves as “gay for pay” (Mears 2011: 217) . In the D. J. Pascoe text , “ dude your a fag” it points out that, “Boys are called ‘fags’ not because they are gay, but when they engage in behaviour outside the gender norm” (Pascoe 2007:100). Men are sloganed “gay for pay” when they act out of the social norm because objectification is seen as feminine. Only women are suppose to be sexualized no men. Therefore, men are punished in the modeling world with lower pay because they are seen as acting out of “gender norms” (Pascoe 2007:100). This point is very interesting it shows how men and women are expecting to act in society based off of their

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