An Analysis Of A Critique Of Teenage Bullying

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“Teenage Bullying” Critique High school is often remembered as the finest time of a person’s life, but for some it is remembered as the foulest. Throughout the article it articulates that bullying includes behaviors that make somebody else feel insufficient; this can include physical harm, harassment, repeatedly demanding speech and efforts to exclude another person. Bullying is dynamic, and is done with the intention of bringing another person down. There are many different types of bullying, reasons behind it, and advice on how to prevent it. Along with bullying, it can lead to many other issues that can cause concern to a specific person. All through the article it provides facts about bullying, the effects on kids, and will present possible solutions …show more content…
It is something that people see happening all over the world. Without having article such as this one, people might have a tough time knowing how to handle situations dealing with bullying. The information can inform those children with that issue. There are many ways and examples on how to reduce it and there are also large amounts of article that will help prevent the epidemic. All in all the topic of this article is clearly defined and well out together. There are both good and bad things throughout the reading. It is nice how organized and easy to follow it is. If you are only looking for how to reduce bullying, there is its own section that can be accessed easily. The negative side of the article is just not having any person relation and or experience that are exposed for an example. The reading can be well understood by a wide ranged audience, due to the type of language used. This article was well written and can be very informative to a large number of people. This article also has the ability to help many young kids and or adults get through their own personal problems that are affiliated with bullying. The facts and advice will change the world

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