An American Television Show By Kenya Barris Essay

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Blackish is an American television show written by Kenya Barris. The sitcom focuses on the Johnsons, an upper middle class black family, and their every day life. The family is compromised of Andre the father, Bow the mother, Pops the grandpa, and Zoey, Diane, Andre Jr, and Jack the four children. The show revolves around Andre trying to teach his kids about black culture which he thinks his kids have no sense of because of their upbringing.
Riley Cooper is a white NFL wide receiver who plays for the Phildepla Eagles. He made the worst mistake of his career on June 8, 2013 at a Kenny Chesney concert. At the concert he was caught on tape saying the N-word. After the video went viral his reputation was destroyed. Everybody in the NFL and the fans considered him a racist. He was even forced to attend sensitivity training. Ironically, at his first practice following the incident the N-word was thrown around by all the black players casually. The N-word in American society has a negative connotation, however it is not frowned upon for African Americans to say it colloquially. The comedy Blackish chose to perpetuate this stereotype in one of there episodes.
In the episode titled "The Word" the show focuses on the use of the N-word. While at the school talent show Jack, the eight year old son, uses the N-word during his rap. This action leads to him being expelled as there is a zero tolerance for hate speech. Andre, who believes who believes his son has a right to say the word…

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