Amy Tan 's Two Kinds Essay examples

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“Two Kinds” by Amy Tan is a story of a nine-years-old girl by name Jing-mei, who was from an immigrant family from China. Her mother lost everyone and everything back in China, and she came to America in 1949 with big hopes and many dreams “America was where all my mother’s hopes lay” (471). By learning Jing-mei’s mother’s background from the beginning, we can recognize that this is a valuable information which will help us understand her mother’s story, motivation, and aspirations for her daughter’s future. After reading the first paragraph many readers may think that this is just a simple story about an immigrant family, which is not. The story that Amy Tan is trying to tell us is the real story of Jing-mei and how she was dealing with it, her conflict between who she wanted to be and who her mother wanted her to be. The whole story is much bigger and dipper that it looks at surface. “Two Kinds” emphasizes the conflict between the real Jing-mei and the Jing-mei fantasized by her mother, between a child with talent, like her friend Waverly, and a child that cannot find her prodigy, like Jing-mei. Most parents would do anything for their children, help them in any possible way and would be very happy to see them succeed in life. Jing-mei’s mother was not an ordinary mother, she was ready to do anything that was in her power: exchange cleaning services for piano classes, save money to buy a piano, do researches and prepare tests for her daughter, anything just to see her…

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