Amusement Park Vs Disney Land

Just imagine you and your family traveling to Disney Land with the other 44,000 people that day. (M, Hugo). Are you one of those people that is a tourist, or do you lean towards being a traveler? The differences between the two are essentially that a tourist will stay with what they know, and a traveler tries new things. Therefore, it can be hard for you to be a traveler when you are on vacation at an amusement park, but it is attainable. One of the best amusement parks you could go to with your family is in California. Therefore, that amusement park would be a Disney Land which is a great place to go with a family. Parents should take their kids whenever they can because it is always going to be a fun time. Disney Land is one of the most best amusement parks you can take your family because it is fun, you are never too old, and it is cool visiting a new place you have never been for some. Disney Land is a fun and happy place which is the reason that parents should take their kids more often. …show more content…
Disney Land is “85 acres” (Sim, 2014). and the other park that is next to Disney Land is 72 acres so between the two parks you can get lost. When you visit the park, you can get a map and plan where you want to go, or you can be more of a traveler and just go with the flow. Therefore, that is the best way to do it so go on rides that have the shortest lines which is not easy at times. Between the two parks you can go back and forth depending on what tickets you get but it usually works well to do that unless you are at the park on one of the very busy days. Which is not as good of an experience. “Disney's new theme park was immediately popular among the American public, and it quickly became well known around the world.” (Rebori, 2004). This shows that Disney Land is attracting more and more people every year. As the attendance at the park goes up you should go visit as soon as

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