Essay about American Vs. Russian School System

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American vs Finnish School System
The American school system seems to lacking as compared to it’s European counterparts in Finland. With much diversity in our country, we struggle with providing one of the basic needs for children. Education. Finland’s idea of education is that every child is given the chance to receive an education no matter where the child is from or what social class they are in. Can America really give all our children the education they need? Or will our diverse social classes be too much for the government to really handle. Even with programs for these lower classes, it seems like it’s never enough. Finland may have our answers.
America’s school system is lacking in what it can offer its students. The inequality in our society causes lower income families to be treated less than someone of higher class. Unfortunately, this difference in status means a difference in the education a child would receice. Even though there are programs, grants, and other sources of help for these children, why are there still children struggling to gain such a basic need? The educational structure is varied from state to state and country to country. Reform needs to be taken place so all children will get an equal chance. Author Jonathan Kozel noted the struggle we are facing when he visited a Los Angeles school that’s surrounded by an eight-foot steel fence with spikes and windows with thick screens. Kozel (2005), describes a school that is…

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