American Stereotypes In Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Gatsby

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Register to read the introduction… From 1740s, Christianity leaders were active in the southern states of America. They also welcome the slave community into their fellowship. Christianity is a very important component in the southern society. Christianity in the south is believed to originate in Europe during the colonial time. In the early days, in order to subvert the slave system, the slaves felt that by converting into Christians, they will have a higher status and literacy. There was then the growth of churches in the south. The movie satirised southerners being too religious. Ricky loves to say lengthy grace before meals, thanking everybody and “baby Jesus” for not only giving his meal but also giving everything he has now, his hot wife, two children, wealth, fame, and his great career in NASCAR. When Ricky met an accident, he shouted: “Save me Jesus!” Ricky has strong faith in god, knowing god will save him when he is in danger. The omnipotent and omnipresent god has immense influence in daily lives of southerners and also on mental state of the …show more content…
In the movie, NASCAR races are the ‘in’ thing in American society. It is a sport that catches everyone attention, from young to the old. As seen in the movie, the spectators stand is always flooded with fans and even NASCAR racing video game is popular among the children. Many southerners who moved to the north to work cannot get used to the regime life. For these racing fans, every weekend will be a huge party filled with wildness, women, eating and drinking. Besides these, the race cars often crash and bump into each other which adds on excitement when watching the race.

We also seen in the movie, NASCAR is a battle of racing teams, particularly the mechanics. In the movie, Jean has a Nobel laureate in his team of mechanics and Ricky’s team is afraid of him. Modern stock car racing is about who build the fastest car. Red Vogt, a famous mechanic in the late 1940s, built cars for Red Byron who won championships in NASCAR races. His cars were always the fastest. The funding of the teams is through sponsors. The more sponsors they have, they will have more money to build faster
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