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The American Red Cross is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that is led by volunteers, whose purpose is to prevent and relieve human suffering. The American Red Cross is part of the International Red Cross organization and is the largest supplier of blood in the United States. Its assistance in providing relief to victims of natural and man-made disasters and helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies has helped the American Red Cross create a brand name that has led to many successes, but has led to some difficulties as well. In order to achieve a better understanding of the organization, its environment, and its future plan of action we first examine the organization by using SWOT analysis.
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The organization receives more than 60% of its revenues from its blood sales and in order to do so people must donate that blood.
Premium organizational structure. Because of disasters geographic dispersion and the peculiarities of local markets, nonprofit organization like the Red Cross could not possibly execute all of their strategies alone; they must rely on other people. This is done by creating an organizational structure that permits effective decentralization. The Red Cross is highly decentralized. A board of directors that formulates policy and delegates authority to the volunteer boards of its 1000 local chapters governs the American Red Cross. Decentralization allows the Red Cross to provide immediate, effective and efficient assistance to those in need. It allows the organization to run smoothly.


Distracted. The Red Cross has to coordinate its effort among 1,400 chapters and to expand its reach across America, also the American Red Cross has many services across the whole country, such as biomedical services, community services, and disaster services, so it may not have the flexibility of some of its more focused competitors. The company has to stretch its efforts to cover all facets of its services.
Information clarity. The American Red Cross got a lot of slack from different media channels because of

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