American Pop Culture, Politics, And Community Activism Essay example

1444 Words Dec 4th, 2016 6 Pages
“Another day, another protest” seems like an understatement, a cliche even, accessorizing the millions of protests and sit-in instagram photos as captions. Through different forms and across profuse platforms, lobbying has made its way into pop culture as frantically as Donald Trump did into the nationwide conversation of politics, and as compelling as Kylie Jenner has into the cosmetic industry. Over the course of the past decade, American pop culture has flourished around the sphere of technology, politics, and community activism; the Zeitgeist has created an ambiance where the youth feel inclined to constantly reform their communities. From advocating for gay rights and the third wave Feminist Movement, to the current Black Lives Matter Movement, the youth has taken it upon themselves to create a milieu where they no longer passively consume the media, but have created an agency in media where they’ve come to use it in ways it was not intended. This aura of flourishing humanity so that the Hispanic is equal to the White, and the woman equal to the man, has made it so that joining the movement becomes inevitable. Due to her understanding as a minority of real American culture, her taking advantage of the First Lady platform to implement activism, and her sensitivity to diverse culture through her educational experience, Michelle Obama should be the leader of the zeitgeist. In spite of her race, Michelle Obama was educated at Princeton University and Harvard School of…

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