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The American Persona For some people to be a part of the American society it takes more than to just live in America. People had to give away some of their rights to be part of this society. The United States is the result of what happens when a nation formulates its own republican government. In 1776 United States “Established the legitimacy of the new nation in the eyes of foreign government” (Bardes, Shelley and Schimdt 38). America fully divided from Britain to become its own country. America first separated due to the high taxation from the British Crown, to become the land of freedom. This was the outcome of having people from other places arrive to America.
The American persona guides the foreign policy of the nation, by achieving outer goals through gaining relationships with other countries to solve problems between them without having to use weapons. So far the American persona has been working for the nation. As a result of this the nation has been avoiding conflict with other countries and has allied these countries so it can have the external goals it wants to achieve. The U.S. offers many opportunities for other foreigners can come and take advantage of and thrive in America. In order to avoid conflict the U.S. shows off
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That is why voting is so important the more the belief system can better itself the better the future generations belief system will be with the laws and the presidents that will better our community instead of worsening it. If a person is eligible for voting they can vote for representatives for these states and those representatives can make the U.S. better. Even if some people cannot vote they still can participate in campaigns for the person that they want to represent their country with and that is the American persona or American belief

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