Life In The 1790s To The 1840's

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The 1790’s to the 1840’s was a period where the colonial people had a chance to revolutionize the very way of their living. They did this throughout many different ways, some unsuccessfully, but the majority impacted the people in a substantial way. The way these people would live their lives depicted the way they were looked at. Although, there are many different ways the people’s lives would change, house advancement, travel and music were the most prominent. “There is more travelling in the Unites States than in any part of the world, “commented a writer in a Boston newspaper in 1828.” Therefore, the people of the colonies had to innovate or construct other means of travel. This would make it easier on their everyday lives and perhaps give a lead over other ‘nations’. “The most radical changes in the speed, scale, and experience of traveling came with the application of newly emerging transportation …show more content…
“Men and women clung longest and most faithfully to the old songs in the deepest, most isolated parts of the countryside.” It didn’t matter where you went or what you were singing, there was no judging. This made the American music system truly fascinating and apart from the other countries surrounding. Hence the reason it may have been the most important to them, because it gave them happiness. That’s what music was created for; happiness. If it wasn’t for the music back then, the Americans today wouldn’t have a unique approach to music and it would be meaningless. Music today doesn’t differ much from the past, if anything it just evolved. This is a reason why Americans take the art of music so dearly. Music would be one of the few luxuries the colonists had in their time and would change their everyday

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