Essay on American Museum Of Natural History

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Ever since you were little you had a ravenous appetite for history. Burying your nose in any book you could find. Especially ones about ancient civilizations. Your Aunt Rebecca would take you to any and every museum she could. She shared you vast love for history. And was so happy someone else in the family was as fanatical about history as she was. Christmas and birthdays you received a new book. Your favorite was the one she bought you on Ancient Egypt. That book became a staple in your wardrobe. You memorized that book word for word. So it was no surprise to anyone when you decided to intern at the American Museum of Natural History. And study the infamous tablet of Ahkmenrah. At first you didn’t want to go work at the same museum as her, nepotism and all that. But she insisted, practically begging you every day to come. “If it’s the tablet you want to study this was the best place to be.” She would say. Once you arrived at the museum you understood why she wanted you there so badly. You owed her big time for this one.

You sat outside the Egyptian exhibit, notebook in hand. Patiently waiting for the warm glow of the tablet to radiate out of the doorway. You remembered your first night at the museum. Rebecca tried to prepare you for what was to come. You couldn’t believe your eyes once everything came to life. It was amazing. And then the Pharaoh Ahkmenrah turned the corner. You became a blubbering mess.
Ahkmenrah was so gracious about it. Especially once Aunt Rebecca…

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