American Media 's Role During The Vietnam War Essay

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The American media played a key role in the wavering support and opinions of the Vietnam War for the American people. The American media’s role during the Vietnam War was immense, however in order to further understand their complete role we must ask a more in-depth question. How did the media portray the war over the 8-9 years we were involved? It is known that as the war progressed more people believed that it was ultimately a mistake to send troops to Vietnam, but what caused this growing belief that the war was a slip-up? Did the government create rules to censor info coming from the war zone, or were embedded reporters allowed to report on any and all aspects of the war? The 20th century was a big part in our history in terms of advancement of technology and especially how the people of America got their news. TV allowed a new frontier for news viewers to see videos of what the reporters saw in Vietnam instead of hearing it over the radio or seeing still images in the news paper. In order to understand the media’s overall involvement in the war research cannot just look at the war as a whole, but instead the research must focus on the media’s role during the beginning, middle, and end of the Vietnam War in order to understand how the media changed and what reporters could get away with during the time.
The beginning of the Vietnam War, November 1, 1955, was a modest attempt to prevent a Communist takeover of South Vietnam. The war was part of a broader…

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