American History : The Whiskey Rebellion Essay

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An event in which occurred in early American history is the Whiskey Rebellion. This event took place in Western Pennsylvania and started in 1791. Alexander Hamilton, who was George Washington’s Secretary of the Treasury, had an idea to impose or to put taxes on all whiskey products produced and sold in the U.S.A. Congress in 1791 established excise tax. This way, the U.S can pay of the enormous debt they are facing because of the Revolutionary War that occurred prior to this event. With nearly 54 million dollars in debt in the USA! However, what actually caused the Whisky Rebellion was the citizen did not like this idea both congress and Hamilton were proposing. The citizens where made up of farmers, artisans, brewers, and laborers. Hamilton saw this as a steady source of revenue coming in the U.S. An author by the name of William Hogeland explains how farmers in western part of Pennsylvania, “The whiskey rebels opposed policies that consolidated wealth and opportunity. They wanted laws that made the political process democratic, gave ordinary people access to economic development, and dispersed wealth and credit more or less fairly among American citizens” (“Whiskey, Rebellion, And The Religious Left” Hogeland pg.49). Paraphrasing Hogeland, he says that also, the tariffs had reduced the profit for the farmers. The crops in which was included was corn, beans, and even tea at the time. Both sides would eventually go to battle and this in fact sparked the Whiskey Rebellion of…

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