American History Past And Present Essay

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. Conclusion
It is noted that through analyzing and comparing various historical narratives either about or related to race in Latin America there are many trends. Still, we see the largest change in the concepts used by former and modern historians. Although past and present historians have had to involve many social aspects in their concepts of Race in Latin American history past and present, Modern historians are able to use the many newer historical concepts available to them. These historical concepts are ones that due to postmodern popularity usually tie in with the social sciences. Historian Magnus Morner, a popular Latin American historian, believes when studying race relations a historian must heavily rely on other disciplines such as sociology and anthropology. Although many historians that study race in Latin America share common sources, as there are not many available, they been able to use a varying amount of approaches to interpret and create their own historical narrative. Many of the works that were not biased were careful to use original terms when talking about race. The only exceptions are Caribbean vs. Central America. Where the terms mullatto and mestizo are popular in each respectively. Another large change we have seen in Race in Latin America over time is the study of cross country regions and separation of various areas of Latin America. It is common to find studies on Caribbean alone, South America, and Central America all individually. Something…

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