American History During The 19th Century Essay

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In 19th century America is in the process of building; the country’s population was growing and the land the country owns with it. This time held a lot of different things for Americans from the Missouri Compromise to James Monroe becoming president in 1820. Not all of the things that happened during westward expansion were good one of the most tragic times in Native American history happened during this period, the trail of tears played a big part in westward expansion. These changes that were made through the 19th century were, for the most part, positive for American society.
In the early start of the 19th century the developing nation had a presidential election that would change American forever. With the upcoming election the country sat and watched as the newest president of the United States of American was James Monroe. With James Monroe becoming president the countries in the eastern hemisphere were in trouble. Different counties all across the Americans started wanting independence and started fighting for freedom of their own. “Monroe’s two terms in office was sometimes known as the era of good feeling” (Foner, Give me Liberty), with what he did in office. With James Monroe being in office he enacted the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. With this Doctrine in effect it outlawed all countries in the eastern hemisphere from owning territory in the western hemisphere. With eastern countries being kept out of the west for the fear of war this opened the doorway for the U.S.…

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