American History, And The Vietnam War Essay

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The 1970’s was a controversial time in American history, and the Vietnam conflict was no exception. President, Richard Nixon, in his Cambodian Incursion address, speaks to the American people, and the world about developing situations in Southeast Asia. His intentions are to explain the actions of the North Vietnamese, describe the actions he ordered to counter them, and to give reason for why he is justified in his course of action. Nixon adopts a stern tone in his address to show the world that what the North Vietnamese is doing will not be tolerated, and that his course of action is logical and is in the best interest of not only South Vietnam and the United States, but of Cambodia as well. Nixon begins his address by referencing his report to the nation that he presented ten days before. He repeats that he made a decision to withdraw 150,000 Americans from Vietnam over the course of a year, despite concern over increased activity in Laos and Cambodia. He then attempts to provoke the emotions of the American people by declaring “the actions of the enemy in the last ten days clearly endanger the lives of Americans” (1). Nixon clearly starts with these two facts to win the approval of Americans for his actions from the start. By emphasizing that we are bringing troops home he gives Americans a sense that our involvement in Vietnam is decreasing, however, bringing troops home will have a direct result in the endangerment of troops still in Vietnam. This implies to Americans…

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