Democracy In America

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In Seventeen eighty-eight the United States constitution was adopted. Americans now had protected rights and liberties and they elected their government. In America, democracy changed the social economic and political equality. This became a way of life for many living on the American frontier. Americans were happy to be free but their view of freedom was changing. What changer their view? The market revolution, the population moving to the west and the rise of the political democracy. These ideas helped reshape Americans view of freedom but American freedom was constantly being challenged by the presence of slavery.

In the first half of the nineteenth century there were many new innovations that helped Americas economy grow. The first advancement
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Many businessmen from the north however had invested in the south on the farms and slaves. This gave them good returns and they became very rich. Towards the beginning of 1800s, slave trade was abolished in the northern states. In the south, it was business as usual. Slave trade continued to be a very vital part in their economy. The United States had a strong opinion on the African slave trade. In 1804, the US congress banned slavery. Despite this, the trade still flourished domestically in most parts of America. The slave trade rose exponentially within the southern states. Many white southerners declared themselves the true heirs of the American Revolution. They said they were inspired by the same spirit of freedom and independence. The southern states preserve the idea of equal rights for free men, and the south joined in the movement towards political democracy for whites. Many of the white farmers in the southern states defended slavery. The farmers rejected the idea that freedom and equality were universal entitlements. John C. Calhoun a proslavery spokesman said the language of the Declaration of Independence was falsest and dangerous of all political errors. He disagreed that all men were created equal and entitled to liberty. Many of the slave owners in order to curb rebellions would deprive the slaves off education. They were not allowed to learn how to read and write in whatever context. The slaves were also separated from each other. The masters ensured that the slaves were completely dependent on them. The slaves married among themselves even though there was no such law. They married and had big families. In fact, the masters encouraged it as it meant more assets and more wealth. However, the American masters did not hesitate separate the slaves. They divided the slave families either by removal or

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