American Culture Creates Expectations And Development Of Human Being 's Maturity And Understanding Of The World

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Long-term relationships are especially important to the growth and development of human being’s maturity and understanding of the world. With those relationships, there are numerous preconceived societal norms from the constitutive culture in which one grows up. American culture creates expectations of how one’s partner is expected to act. In American culture, one is expected to grow up, go to college, get married and start a family, living out that life monogamously. Yet according to statistics it is relatively common for individuals to have those expectations shattered at some point during their adult life through the disruption of social norms by a partner who commits infidelity. Statistically, 75% of male and 68% of female college students reported engaging in at least one form of infidelity (Wiederman & Hurd, 1999), with 49% of men and 31% of women having ever engaged in a sexual infidelity. When one is either victim or perpetrator, preconceived societal rules are broken and expectations for one’s future, relationship status, and self-esteem are affected. With the prevalence of infidelity in society, despite its frowned upon nature, expectations are violated making the subject reasonable to observe through an Expectancy Violations Theory lens. When couples stay together, despite relational transgressions it is often baffling to those around them which can lead to cognitive dissonance within the couple’s group of friends. In order to explain this perceived expectancy…

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