American Civil War Essay

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The American Civil War
An increase in the American population during the 1800s bore dissatisfaction among the white settlers with regards to the land they owned. As a result, they began exploring land in the west of the Mississippi River, thus marking the Westward expansion. The exploration also included the acquisition of lands from Mexico and Louisiana, exploitation of California, and invasion of Texas. Although this activity propelled America onto a new stage and position, it also caused more conflict within the country that became one of the causes that led to the American Civil War.
The annexation of Texas, movement of immigrants to the West
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Despite the compromise, there was still dissatisfaction among the southerners on the restriction of slavery (Brinkey, 2004).
Following the end of the 1848 war between America and Mexico, the United States went ahead to acquire huge tracts of land that was in the Mexican territory for a tune of $ 15 million dollars. The same question on whether they should free or Slave states emerged (, 2014). This also caused the same conflict in the Congress. In the early 1850s, there was a lot of new immigration to California as a result of the Gold rush. The increase of the population in California led to it becoming a state. When Mexico was permitted, this caused a lot of tension in the House of Congress.
By 1849, there were an equal number of 15 free and 15 slave states. This helped maintain peace between abolitionists and pro-slaves since there was a balance between the two parties (Brinkey, 2004). However, it was feared that since California was in the process of being made a new state, there would be an imbalance in authority of the North and South since it would become the 31st state.
Thirty years later after the compromised of Missouri, the issues on slavery resurface following the development of California and acquisition of new land with the culmination of the Mexican-American war (Brinkey, 2004). In order to resolve this stalemate, Henry Clay provided a solution by introducing the

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