American Childhood Annie Dillard

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We Will Never Stop Running
When we put ourselves in a poor position, we are often forced to choose between fight or flight. As a child, what it comes to that instinct; nine times out of 10 we chose flight. In both texts “An American Childhood” by Annie Dillard and “Always Running” by Luis Rodriguez, both Dillard and Rodriguez put themselves in this predicament, doing something they should not be doing and answering for it. Rodriguez and Dillard both give you a visual of the day that they will remember for the rest of their lives.
In “An American Childhood”, Dillard starts with the boys in her neighborhood teaching her how to play football and her becoming one of the boys. You get a sense she is somewhat trying to prove herself because she states “Boys welcomes me at baseball too, for I had, through enthusiastic practice, what was weirdly know as a boy’s arm.” I can relate that she wants to be one of the boys, being a twin with a sports-driven brother, I had to try and keep up and prove myself. She also is the youngest of the group of boys she was around. “I was seven; the boys were eight, nine and ten.” So not only was she just the only girl, she was also the youngest, which is an even bigger boot to fill.
Rodriguez says “Although we were both 10 years old, I cut a shorter shadow”, he also talks about the sign – “A sign above us read: NO ONE ALLOWED AFTER 4:30 PM, BY ORDER OF THE LOS ANGLES COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT. Tino turned toward me, shrugged his shoulders and gave

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