American Advertising Essay

1636 Words May 17th, 2016 7 Pages
Paige Williams
Bachelor of Science in Psychology: Addiction and Recovery: APA
Liberty University

American advertising and the influence it has on today’s American youth is oppressing. In this essay I will be pointing out my views and opinion on this matter. In particular I will focus on alcohol ads and the pull it has on our youth. I will also point out how the alcohol ads portray itself to the young community and other audiences as well. The attitudes and behavior of today’s youth seem to be affected by what the world of advertisement is telling them is ok. The American youth is not yet very experienced; I feel the advertising world recognizes this and has a lot to gain from it. I
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As you can see in the image above you have one young man standing alone while a group of other young people are drinking and having fun. “One of the worst effects of alcohol ads on teens is that they portray drinking as a harmless, instant gratification tool.” (, 2015, Effects of Alcohol Advertising on kids and teens.) What advertisement tell young people they should value Alcohol ads can be very entertaining for some people; so much, that during our Super Bowl every year the majority of Americans are ranting over the commercials and most are about alcohol. I find this very disturbing because the image that is put off by these companies attract the American youth. There is advertising everywhere and I strongly believe that alcohol ads are telling our American youth to value the wrong things in life. It is in my opinion that the ads that are seen on t.v, social media and even heard on the radio tell our youth to value being socially acceptable. In the alcohol ads you usually have a group of young adults hanging out and having fun which makes drinking look harmless. Is American advertising really teaching our youth it is ok to have risky behavior? To value drinking and fun and careless behavior is not what the majority of American parents raise their children to value. If it was left up to the advertising market to teach what is of value to our youth then the worldview’s of

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