America 's World War II Essay

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America entered World War II, their primary goal - to defeat Japan; however, as America fought against the Japanese it became clear that Japanese Americans were affected. President Roosevelt approved several orders and committees that specifically targeted Japanese Americans on the West Coast, while war propaganda was created to instill fear and hatred of the Japanese in the American people. World War II not only exacerbated the racial tension within the American people, but also excused the racist actions taken by the American government against the Japanese Americans, as the Americans then prided themselves for fighting in the “good war”.
During the 1930s America began to doubt their involvement in the first World War, instead they believed that America should avoid the military confrontations in other countries. Thus, inspiring Congress to pass several laws, also known as the Neutrality Acts. Their purpose was to prevent America from entering another situation like World War I. However, as the conflict in Europe and Asia became more prevalent the Americans retreated from neutrality. America was concerned about Japan’s actions toward China the most, as America sold them military equipment. Japan, however, did not heed America or the UN’s warnings to stop attacking China. Japan was determined to conquer China, and so they decided to attack an American Naval base. On December 7, 1941 “a date which will live in infamy,” Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and the next day Congress…

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