America 's Role During Ending The Holocaust Essay

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In America, children learn about America’s role in ending the Holocaust. As a nation, it’s important to remember "Human rights education is much more than a lesson in schools … it is a process... to equip people with the tools they need to live lives of security and dignity” (Kofi Annan). As Kofi Annan remarks, we need to apply our knowledge and “continue to work together to develop and nurture… future generations a culture of human rights, to promote freedom, security and peace in all nations." (Kofi Annan). When politicians debate on whether or not to intervene in international human rights issues; they often forget about events such as the Holocaust. As a developed country, it’s necessary to utilize American resources to help other countries protect their security and freedom, to ensure human rights are not being violated. Based on America’s fundamental values, during times of injustice other countries look up to America as a model country; therefore, America should be actively involved in human rights issues throughout the world. It essential that American leaders prevent indifference when making decisions on the involvement of human rights throughout the world , in order to prevent tragedies like the Holocaust from reoccurring . “The Perils of Indifference” by Elie Wiesel addresses the concern, “indifference is always the friend of the benefits the aggressor...not the victim, whose pain is magnified when he or she feels forgotten” (Elie Wisel). Those who…

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