America 's Police System Is Based On Robert Peel 's London Police Model

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America 's police system is based on Robert Peel’s London police model and yet America accomplished a unique police model of their own. The United States’ police history went through a few police eras before they reached the present day community era. Each policing era bore mistakes and advancements, but they all informed the current policing era. Today, one can look back and see the different and similar aspects of each era and compare it to modern policing.
Many history texts tend to skip over one of the most crucial elements of early police history, which is slave patrol. Slave patrols were the earlier forms of law enforcement in the United States (Williams, 2015). Slave patrols were a big part of southern life where the basis of the economy was agriculture and slaves worked the lands. Each state had slave codes, but every state’s codes were a little different. As an example, in many states, if not all, slaves were not allowed to own firearms, alcohol, or reading material. Naturally, with rules, there is someone there to enforce them. Those that enforced the slave codes were the slave patrols and consisted of white working-class men (Wadman and Allison, 2004). These men would patrol their local area looking for any suspicious activity of African Americans. The slave codes and the slave patrol are significant because they influenced modern police.
The slave patrols taught the police institution three lessons: patrolling as a way to prevent crime, racial abuse of power,…

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