America 's Involvement During The Vietnam War Essay

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America 's involvement in the Vietnam war is still constantly mentioned in regards to how much it really helped prevention or even containment of communism. It lasted from 1955 to 1975 and scared many soldiers physically and emotionally. It was a war that despite of its appearance inevitability could have been avoided. South Vietnam couldn 't have possibly maintained democracy no matter how many American 's lives were thrown at it, evident by the fact that not long after America left they meet their fate of being conquered by North Vietnam. Foreign affairs like this should have been meet with neutrality by America as they do not directly concern the safety of its citizens in. The Vietnam war was something the U.S shouldn 't have been involved in as it cost many lives, was ultimately unpreventable, and was inefficient in the containment of communism. The Primary reason for the U.S involvement in the Vietnam war was the suffering and the death Americans had to endure. Roy R, a veteran who to this day still struggles with post traumatic stress disorder from this war states: “You can’t take a 19-year-old brain and subject it to the constant threat of death or injury by rocket fire and expect it not to be affected." due to the atrocities of any war it is best as a country to take a path which avoids it, instead of steering directly into it like America did. North Koreans tactics were ruthless and traumatic, no one should have been subjected to these sights. Yale university…

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